Who is a Beneficial Nominee in your Life Insurance

Who is a Beneficial Nominee in your Life Insurance Now there is a big difference,in legal terms, between earlier nomination and a beneficial nomination now. One should clearly understand the implications of a Beneficial Nominee in case of a life insurance policy. It goes without saying that it is better to understand the context of […]


7 TRUTHS ABOUT INSURANCE : Life insurance can take care of many of your financial worries, lets get a best fit insurance cover today. The younger you are , the more affordable your rates may be. Think about life insurance as an asset. Always calculate your expenses, old debts and your financial needs to calculate […]

EPF Nomination Rules

Nomination Rules for EPF – why one should ¬†always update or check or change one’s nominee details. It is better to understand the EPF nomination rules and take them seriously. Many are not aware of the importance of this EPF nomination.The updates should be done as and when the need arises. We will be discussing […]