COMPARISON of previous dates and extended dates for various items

Extension of time limit for filing Income-tax Return Check new dates Ministry of Finance has notified extension of time limits under Income-Tax Act for filing Income Tax Returns under . Notification No.35 /2020 [F. No. 370142/23/2020-TPL] / SO 2033(E) , Check new dates: Amid current situation of Covid19, the Central Government has notified the extension […]

Do I Really Need Financial Planning?


While it is important to spend time trying to earn more money, it is also important for you to spend time to figure out the right way your money is invested with a proper financial planning.

How To Pay Income Tax Online In India Using Challan 280 In 2018?

How To Pay Income Tax Online In India Using Challan 280 In 2018? I file my Income Tax Return by 31st July every year because it is the last date for filing Income Tax Return in India. However not many of us are aware about how to pay income tax online in India using Challan 280. We […]

Set your financial life in order to avoid problems for dependants

Set your financial life in order to avoid problems for dependants A new study has shown a spike in the mortality rates in the 45-54 age group in India. Here is what you need to do at the earliest to avoid problems for your dependents,       Store passwords For most of our financial […]

Does Discontinued Insurance Policy provide Insurance Cover?

Discontinuing insurance policy abruptly increases the chances of putting your life cover and other benefits at risk!   It is always better to understand what will happen to your insurance policy if you stop paying your premium on your policy.The biggest question comes to mind is that will it continue to offer insurance cover? The […]

Who is a Beneficial Nominee in your Life Insurance

Who is a Beneficial Nominee in your Life Insurance Now there is a big difference,in legal terms, between earlier nomination and a beneficial nomination now. One should clearly understand the implications of a Beneficial Nominee in case of a life insurance policy. It goes without saying that it is better to understand the context of […]


7 TRUTHS ABOUT INSURANCE : Life insurance can take care of many of your financial worries, lets get a best fit insurance cover today. The younger you are , the more affordable your rates may be. Think about life insurance as an asset. Always calculate your expenses, old debts and your financial needs to calculate […]

EPF Nomination Rules

Nomination Rules for EPF – why one should  always update or check or change one’s nominee details. It is better to understand the EPF nomination rules and take them seriously. Many are not aware of the importance of this EPF nomination.The updates should be done as and when the need arises. We will be discussing […]

Interest rates of small savings schemes of India post office 2018

Interest Rates of Small Savings Schemes of India Post Office effective April – June 2018 The Finance Ministry has announced the latest interest rates for PPF, Sukanya. Samriddhi Yojana, KVP, NSC  for April- June 2018. These latest interest rates  are applicable with effect from 1st April 2018. The previous practice of announcing interest rates on […]

Why You Should Not Surrender Your Policy

Want to surrender your Insurance Policy? Here’s a guide.. Are you wondering what will happen to your policy and investment in the insurance policy if you go for surrender of it  then I give you four reasons for not to surrender your policy.. Your life insurance cover stops You have to pay tax on your […]