What do I do if my electricity bill is too high?

usage of electricity leading of high bill

During the last month, many people are getting very high electricity bills. In Maharashtra, the bill was four times higher than normal.  Even celebrities had tweeted about this unexpected rise in the bill.


What do electricity suppliers have to say

According to the suppliers, due to lockdown the electricity bills were calculated on the average comsumption for the months immediately preceding it. This happened because electricity distribution companies were not able to send their employees to get meter readings. Therefore people received lower electricity bills for the month of April and May 2020 and a higher bill for June 2020 because of the adjustment made for previous two months.

money and electric bulb

For Delhi the electricity suppliers are:


How to handle high electricity bills?

electric meter and bills

One relief in such a situation is that you do not have to pay the total bill in one go. And also some state governments have assured that consumers will not face power cuts over their bill payments. The Maharashtra Electricity Regulatory Commission has further clarified that for bills amounting to more than double the average between March and May 2020, consumers can make the payment in three EMI’s.

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